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custom content for the sims 2
sour apples - meet my puddings, 
29th-Aug-2009 11:51 pm

It's Pudding Time! - I am trying out an asylum style of play for the Sims 3. Except (!) I cannot decide which one to control. Any ideas before I put the beds in?

Colin Johns - Flirty, Great Kisser, Vegetarian, Genius, Coward.

Thomas Flannery - Family Orientated, Good, Genius, Natural Cook, Easily Impressed.

Fleur Jacobs - Brave, Good, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Hot-Headed,

Klaus LeBert - Bookworm, Ambitious, Angler, Computer Whiz,

Fran Garvey - Brave, Natural Cook, Genius, Green Thumb, Neat,

Duncan Rho - Brave, Daredevil, Genius, Angler, Insane. I am torn between Nancy and Duncan as my playable, but also Fleur as well. DECIDE FOR ME FOR I CANNOT CHOOSE.

Nancy Chudlow - Flirty, Snob, Evil, Mean-spirited, Neurotic.

Evelyn Rho -  Brave, Neurotic, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Kleptomaniac,

As soon as Fran turned away, Nancy showed her true feelings.

Fran turned around. Hide your evilness quick smart, Nancy! These two are going to become the best of frenemies.


Fleur and Colin Johns watch Duncan sleep. Colin Johns is cooing while Fluer disapproves. These two are going to be OTP, I SWEAR TO GOD.

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